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Camouflage, Revolution and Desire (Paperback)

Camouflage, Revolution and Desire (Paperback)

Camouflage, Revolution and Desire (Paperback)

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      • Product Description:

        Camouflage, Revolution, and Desire with the subtitle ‘drawing from movies’, a collaborated book by two visual artists, explores collage upon collage upon collage through self-publication. This book project amalgamates art and cinema reinterpreting the collage process through explorations uniting filmic iconography with tactile, spatial and digital media in the graphic fine arts. Memorable stills and frames drawn from a range of cult, new wave and its international influences and movies notable for revolutionising the cultural boundaries of society and the screen have been freshly reinvented into new visual narratives at the artists’ choice.

        ‘Unlike painting and literature, the cinema both gives to life and takes from it’, Jean-Luc Godard had said. Inverting this, the artists explore the collage process to both take from the cinematic context and give to it.

        The outcome of this joint project emerges as a 72-page full visual book publication with an introductory essay by the artists and a foreword by Karen Sanig (Head of Art Law at Mischon de Reya Solicitors, London). The book is being launched together with a collection of editioned collage print-works entitled After the Book, emerging as a further step in creative “post-productions” from the book.

      • generic_text_8: Paperback
      • generic_text_3: Ruth Bianco and Richard Davies
      • generic_text_7: 9789995702748
      • generic_text_4: 2012
      • generic_text_2: 24.5cm x 22cm x 0.5cm
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