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V&A Jasmine Silver Tip Tea||RLCTB

V&A Jasmine Silver Tip Tea||RLCTB

V&A Jasmine Silver Tip Tea||RLCTB

      • Product Description:

        Jasmine Silver Tip Tea sourced from small, traditional tea gardens in the Fujian Mountains in China. Hand-scented six times with fresh Jasmine flowers. 


        The jasmine blossom is picked by night when the flowers give off their heady perfume. The silver tips are laid out with the fresh flowers and they spend the night together. At an exact temperature and humidity the tender silver tips absorb the jasmine's scent. The tea is then dried and the jasmine flowers removed. This process is repeated six times, over six consecutive nights to add a unique depth of flavour. Although the scenting is deep the silver tips retain their delicate sweetness. The jasmine aroma is all in the 'nose' leaving the flavour both subtle and soft.  


        Sourced by the Rare Tea Company for the V&A. Created exclusively for the V&A. 

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