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Purple Clay Coffee Press

Purple Clay Coffee Press

Purple Clay Coffee Press

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      • Product Description:

        This beautifully designed coffee press combines contemporary design with traditional Chinese materials. Made using Zisha, Chinese Purple clay, finished stoneware is usually reddish brown in colour. Each piece has a unique textural warmth while boasting clean lines and functional bamboo fittings. After extended use, the purple clay coffee pot takes on the fragrance of your preferred coffee blend and the warmth of your hands. The bamboo handle also ages and polishes through time and use, becoming one of a kind for each and every user.


        Taiwan based Gearlab was founded by two industrial designers with a shared enthusiasm for the great outdoors. They combine their professional design skills and experiences to create functional and intuitive products. Gearlab designers have studied and worked in Taiwan, North America, and Europe. Driven by innovation and usability, Gearlab blends elements of lifestyle and design to make valuable and functional pieces. 


        Designed by Gearlab for Jia Inc. 

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  • Composition: Zisha, Purple Clay and Bamboo
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