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Art Deco London

Art Deco London

Art Deco London


      • Product Description: Art Deco London written by Colin Hines, designed by Keith Cheetham, with photographs by Paul Riddle is the first ever guide book to the 20's and 30's deco treasures of the capital. This lavishly illustrated book shows where in London magnificent examples of art deco can be found, eaten and quaffed in, slept in, shopped in, and campaigned for. Its deco delights range from 'palaces of the people' cinemas (many saved thanks to bingo), theatres, hotels, homes, shops, museums, a deco hospital and even a 'decover and out' crematorium. Britain is still losing too much Art Deco and it is still thought of as something mostly found in New York or Miami. This book has been written to provide enough of a taste of some of the best examples to delight the already converted and alert many more to what wonders London has and what we need to preserve and how to do it.

        About the authors
        Colin Hines is an environmentalist and former head of Greenpeace International's economic unit. Author of 'Localization: a global manifesto', he campaigns for the protection and rebuilding of local economies, whilst adequately protecting the environment. His personal 'environmental' obsession is the need for more appreciation and protection of art deco, and this book was conceived as a contribution towards that end.

        Keith Cheetham began his career in television as a production designer for BBC Television working on a wide range of productions in the field of light entertainment, drama, music and arts. He now works as a Music and Arts producer and director in film, television and theatre.

        Paul Riddle worked with leading architectural photographers for a number of years and is now established as a photographer in his own right.
      • generic_text_8: Paperback
      • generic_text_3: Colin Michael Hines, Keith Chetham, Paul Riddle (photographer)
      • generic_text_7: 954475100
      • generic_text_5: 60 pages
      • generic_text_6: 110 colour photographs
      • generic_text_2: 19.2 x 19.2 x 0.8 cm
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