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Plum Tree Plate

Plum Tree Plate

Plum Tree Plate

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      • Product Description: Mashiko-yaki is a traditional Japanese pottery born from the fusion of locally sourced Mashiko clay and the art of glazing. The ideology behind the form is beauty in functionality, realised in the distinctive shape and colour of the ceramics, the surface design and glaze application. Mashiko-yaki was revived through Shoji Hamada's experiences of travelling to the UK with potter Bernard Leach and working with craftsmen in St.Ives and Ditchling, including sculptor Eric Gill and weaver Ethel Mairet in the 1920s.

        The V&A Shop is delighted to offer a selection of shapes across cups, bowls and plates with a variety of glaze finishes across all styles.

        All items are hand shaped, turned and fired in a wood-burning kiln.

        Made in Japan.
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